Does anyone else have LISH issues?

I have reported all my issues to Linode but in the meantime wondered if anyone else experiences these issues as its always happened to me for years, but today was terribly bad.

So usually I have problems logging in via LISH. I can login to LISH OK, via my terminal (Terminal OR iTerm on a Mac) or via the LISH browser window, and it presents me with the login to the server. Now is where the problems start.

Entering commands here is very problematic. Here are a list of issues

1) Characters not fully entered, so key presses dont seem to work sometimes

2) LISH decides to what seems like hit return for me, mid entering text so I may enter half my username or password when it decides to hit return and say my login is incorrect :evil:

3) Sometimes I can see text entered, sometimes nothing is

4) Sometimes hitting line return works, sometimes does nothing (nothing visually anyway!)

5) VERY often it will say Login incorrect, I think its because of all the above happening and messing up. This is via manually entering it or copy and paste the password

6) Finally if I do manage login I am often presented with a Login or password prompt which initially confused me because it transpired I was actually logged into the server and can run commands, even though LISH is asking me to login

7) When I do run the commands I need to on the server, I cant often see them, or the first key press is needed to get rid of the login/password prompt to I can then enter the command

8 ) text on the screen just overlaps on top of previous entered commands sometimes

9) point 8 makes it impossible to edit files via vi

Due to Lish issues, I have to boot into recovery mode, mount the drive, edit/get files that way, that way worked fine for me. Thats if the server is not needed to be running, dont know what I would do on a live server I need to access but been locked out of.

So basically for years and years I have the above LISH issues, and I have just been hoping I never need to use it in an emergency as its unuseable for me.

Wondered if its just me or is this normal?


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It may be because the CSF Firewall I have is outputting to the console. The following seems to work OK so far:

so run the following for immediate effect (seems to work):

dmesg -n 1

Add it to /etc/rc.local for bootup (not tested)

Could it be a problem with your ssh client?

Because I've never seen ANY of these problems and I've used LISH extensively.

Doubt it, I get the issue on Terminal and iTerm on my Macbook and iMac, and in Lish GUI console, and in GLISH.

But I believe the issue was due to the firewall outputting all its logs to the console. I disabled that, and I can operate LISH OK. I am using Webmin with CSF installed, so it was just a default setting to output them all to the console. I usually login to the servers via SSH to manage them, so it doesn't affect that, its just when using LISH.

Sounds like the CSF firewall is outputting ANSI/ASCII characters that are not supported by the lish terminal.

Same problem. I found another solution online: … electively"> … my-console">

Change kernel.printk:


sysctl -w kernel.printk="3 4 1 3"


vi /etc/sysctl.conf

kernel.printk = 3 4 1 3

sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf


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