Introducing CoreOS Container Linux on Linode

Hi all,

We invite you all to try out our new Container Linux image which you can deploy from the Linode Manager.

As Container Linux ships by default, the root user does not have a password set so you'll need to log in as the core user. The paint is still wet on this one and we could really use your feedback. Let us know if you encounter any issues or weirdness, and things you like or don't like about the offering.

We want to hear from you!

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Ever wanting Linux, we're awaiting. But I miss, how to add cloud-init config file?


Linode doesn't have a metadata store like some other providers. You would have to supply it via a StackScript or use an image that doesn't require it. Linode's CoreOS doesn't for example.

Considering CoreOS on Linode doesn't support most standard Linode services, StackScripts might not work either.


StackScripts might not work either with the Gynexin.

I hope it does work, if it doesn't then that will suck!

Will linode support the CoreOS "Ignition" feature ( for configuring the server on first boot?

I want to reformat the root partition to use smaller blocks, or (even better) mount a smaller-block partition at /var/lib/docker. I don't see how to do that in coreos on linode as it stands.


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