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It's been what? 2 years now? almost 3? I can't really remember when I switched to Linode, but I can clearly realize that I've never lasted with one host for this long.

I can remember at least 3 previous hosts by name, and I think there was another one or two other hosts I can't even remember, that I tried.

They were all summed up with one word: Disappointing.

Horrible disk IO at one, horrible network pricing at another coupled with a DOS attack on me that I was charged a hefty network bill, despite my server not even responding with a single byte to these attacks. One was funny enough that I started receiving SPAM on the email address I use ONLY FOR THEM… Their database was hacked? They sold their database to a spammer? Interesting stuff from a well known host, that I still see recommended here and there.

And customer support.. Where do I begin? Whenever I saw a friendly customer support, it took me two minutes to realize I'm talking to a dumb useless bot. The real humans are not any more useful than these bots. Why do hosting companies hire customer support, to help their customers in server related issues, who are completely computer challenged and just reading scripts? Seriously, WTF?

Linode on the other hand… I rarely ever needed to require their help, I mean, their Linodes Just Work™. But when I do, they are always helpful. They know what they're talking about.

Their infrastructure is kickass! They were always way ahead of competition by providing the best there is in the market in terms of technology. And they give us free reign to do whatever the hell we want with our machines. I mean most customers just want their commercial products running smoothly. But then, there others who just want to play, experiment, have fun, break things. Linode can let us doo all that, even run custom kernels! Remember the early IPv6 craze? Who else gave us IPv6 blocks to play with so early on? Ever seen what an aptitude full-upgrade is like on Linode compared to other hosts? BLAZING FAST disk IO, just crazy! Sometimes I wonder if the Linode is not running in a RAM disk :P

And then there was this one time, I ran into some real life hardships, work was slow, things went downhill, and the staff was absolutely amazing. I sure did test their patience, but they never complained (I'm really sorry, guys). When things went uphill again, I paid my dues, and things went back to normal. I can't really ever forget that. No other host was ever that nice to me.

All in all, Linode are the unbeatable host that will always be abreast of tech. Hardware, Software, Staff.

Thank you <3 and Looking forward to spending many more years with you guys.

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