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I have two factor authentication enabled on my Linode account.

When I try to login with the Linode app on my iPhone 6, it indicates an error and advises me to add my IP address to the white list in my Linode account.

I can get to the white list in my account admin site but I have no idea what the IP address is for my iPhone.

Where would I find that?

Thank you,



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Your IP address would likely change all the time (unless you're always accessing via wi-fi from your home wifi router).

But you can point safari to e.g. http://www.whatsmyip.org/ or any of the other numerous alternatives - you can even just enter 'what is my IP' into google and google will answer).

That makes the Linode iPhone app pretty difficult to use.

Thank you,



Linode's 2FA is different from IP-whitelisting. You seem to have both features on.

If you're going to be using a mobile app (or viewing the site on your phone for that matter) I suggest turning off IP whitelisting. Otherwise, you'll need to find your IP and add it to the whitelist every single time the IP on your phone changes. And it can change often if you're moving around.


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