Just wanted to say "thanks"

I had an idea on Thursday for a new website and a working/production site hosted on Linode by Saturday. (The delay was designing and building the website of course.)

The Getting Started guide is awesome, to include the videos. The console/interface on your website is easy to understand, organized well and seems to provide the information that I need. The process to purchase a Linode took perhaps 5 minutes tops, some kind of point-of-sale delay was next but I came back later. Next visit to the site I had deployed/provisioned and was doing the I.T. thing for an hour to get ready. I then deployed my website from github and went live. I rebooted and it came right back up as expected. I'm glad to see that you have Ubuntu 16.04LTS as an option.

I've tweaked things slightly since then but it's solid, working and fast.

Comparing prices, you guys look good at the lowest level and you appear to be competitive for what you offer. The service seems to be marketed to geeks from what I'm seeing; I really don't see your company showing up in many hosting comparisons out there.

Happy so far. Keep up the good work.

(I do have over three decade's of I.T. experience so I might not be the average hosting consumer.)

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This really means a lot to us, thank you! I'm going to have to let our docs crew know that the guide is well appreciated.

Please let us know if there's any sort of features you'd like to see or any sort of concerns you have using us and we'd be happy to try and work on them. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!


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