Image files on my wordpress site load very slowly. Site hosted on LNMP

I added vhost for my wordpress site: on LNMP on my linode 2048 plan (upgraded from 1024 after I installed my website).

When I do a speed test of of my site on GTmetrix, the result is something like this: … #waterfall">

As seen from above link, file types of images load extremely slow: even for a 5kb image, it takes more than 1s to load. On average it takes almost 2s to load.

This website was migrated from Bluehost's Performance Plan (still a shared hosting) without any changes made, back to when it was still hosted on Bluehost, images load about 500ms, which is much faster, while other filetypes like .js or .css are more or less with Linode.

I also studied Linode's guidance on improving Nginx performance, but duel to the plan Im using, 2048, which is 1 CPU, I can't really do much change of configurations to improve performance.

Any help would be hightly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


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First, conduct tests from vicinity of the box or the box itself. Second, use load generation tests like ab and look at the response time profiles and how they change due to concurrent requests. Third, load the website with firefox/chrome developer tools and look at what takes up the most time. There is a number of factors that can affect the performance and it may very well be that it's your tools/location that's interfering with it.


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