Yesterday I setup my node for the first time. After battling an rvm installation for the better part of a day I decided to wipe my node clean and start over. So I blew the image away and started over. When I try to ssh I'm getting the following message. I know there are instructions in the error message, but I'm having trouble following them to a solution. Can someone help me?

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In this situation, you're safe. You know that you wiped your system, so the warning makes sense.

You will want to open up ~/.ssh/known_hosts and remove the line corresponding to the Linode. This line should also be included in the warning.

Another option if you are at a terminal on your local computer, you can run one of the following commands. I used line 42 as an example, you will want to change that to the line you want to remove.

Mac (Mac BSD sed):

sed -i.bak -e 42d ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Linux (GNU sed):

sed -i 42d ~/.ssh/known_hosts


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