spdy behind NodeBalancer

I'm currently running nginx 1.6.0 with spdy enabled on 2 nodes behind a NodeBalancer. My question … how do I get spdy to work on these nodes when SSL is terminated at the NodeBalancer?


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spdy is long dead, you should upgrade to http/2. I don't know if linode's nodebalancer supports http/2, open a ticket and ask them.

You can set up the NodeBalancer in TCP mode in order to pass through connections to the back-end Linodes. From the NodeBalancer configuration you can select TCP from the "Protocol" dropdown menu.

When in TCP mode all packets will be relayed through the NodeBalancer as-is, with the exception of the source IP address being the NodeBalancer's IP address.

TCP mode will work on any port, and will also allow SSL connections to be encrypted all the way to the back-end Linodes.


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