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I have a website about an actress who is based in USA, Myself I live in The Netherlands, my server is located in UK, the question is must I create a server in Dallas ? because most of the visitors are from USA, the thing is when I move the server to Dallas, my FTP is slower because I live in The Netherlands.

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Hey there,

While technically there isn't a requirement to build the website in Dallas, a good rule of thumb I've seen is to place the webserver in a datacenter close to the customers. While performance would be slower for you, access to the site would be faster for those connecting from within the US if you used one of the US datacenters.

If Dallas it too far for you, I would recommend taking a look at the Newark datacenter. It's possible you might personally see better performance than from the Dallas datacenter, and the website load times will be faster for the visitors in the US compared to them visiting a website hosted in the London datacenter.

Here's a speed test where yo ucan compare the speeds of our datacenters to see if any of them will work better for you:

Hope this helps!


Stephen Crane…

Linode Customer Support


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