Datacenter Amsterdam

Yes we have frankfurt I know that … but .. I have a dutch website with a dutch TLD .nl what does that doing in Frankfurt, really nothing. Dutch website has to run in The Netherlands like Amsterdam. Then go to Digitalocean ? Nooooo Way ! Their droplets are just that. I can't do it, I want everything on Linode right Now, also my dutch website which is still not there because I can't run that in Frankfurt. So Linode you are behind, please do a datacenter in Amsterdam .. and if not, fine we are still friends :mrgreen:

I have 2 Linodes already: 1 in Dallas and 1 in London

Linode is for me the Best VPS provider ever !

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Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it! A datacenter in Amsterdam is not on our roadmap right now, but we do value your feedback. If you've tried hosting your .nl website in Frankfurt and have run into networking troubles or any other issues, we'd be happy to help as much as we can–we just ask that you open a support ticket in the Linode Manager.


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