Linode will no longer boot

I received notification that my Linode was restarted due to the "Emergency Security Maintenance" described on the blog: … wn-spectre">

However, the restart failed and all attempts to manually boot the Linode are failing after 13 seconds with the status "Linode failed to boot for unknown reason."

Is anyone else seeing this? I opened a support ticket -- is there any other action I can take?


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Hey there! I'd recommend reviewing your Lish console to see if any relevant networking output/clues shows up in your boot logs . Also, reviewing your system logs can be helpful too. This can vary by what distro you're on:

CentOS 6

tail /var/log/messages

CentOS 7


Ubuntu 14

tail /var/log/syslog

Ubuntu 16+


Also, if we haven't responded to the ticket yet and you let us know the ticket number, we'll take a look.

Thanks for the reply! The ticket has been closed. The error was apparently a "false negative" where the status was incorrect.

Does the Lish console show anything if the Linode is powered off and unable to boot? Does it show output while it's booting? Does it show the output from the last boot attempt, after a failure?

Thanks again!

The Lish console doesn't show anything useful when the Linode isn't booted. After you boot, Lish will show a login prompt, along with the last few lines from the logs that were created while booting. Sometimes those lines will show the relevant error, but sometimes they'll be further back and not visible in the buffer. In those situations it's recommended to look at the system logs, as those will usually reflect and make visible information from the beginning of the boot process.

If the Linode is unable to boot, how are you able to view the system logs on it? Can you boot another Linode and attach the first Linode's filesystem to it as secondary storage so you can view the log files? Is there an easier way?


In that case, I'd recommend booting into Rescue Mode and then mounting your normal disk. Rescue Mode is a special Linux recovery distribution called 'Finnix' that we provide, and from there you can perform a filesystem check and also view and backup your files: … d-rebuild/">

Thanks for the info! In this case, my Linode was functioning normally – it was just a "false negative" in the dashboard that was reporting a failed boot. But since I had your attention, I wanted to learn how one could make forward progress on such a problem if it was to occur. :) Thanks again!

Sure thing! I hope it helps in the future :D


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