pls help me on installation. pls

i just signed up for linode hosting and i find it so difficult to do the settings. i followed the guide and videos but when i get to the point of (lish console and putty) i began to have issues. i followed the instruction to enter username and password but while i was able to enter the username, the password remain blank despite the fact that i typed it from my window system, i even tried to copy paste my password but i couldn't see the effect in the console. Though i'm used to shared hosting, i'm yet to understand how this works. pls i clicked my password but it wasn't showing up in the console. pls kindly help me out. i just want to create a wordpress site and move on. thanks

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Have you considered using a managed service or paying someone to manage your Linode for you?

Brutal honesty here, you don't want unmanaged hosting like linode. You'll be much better off with wordpress hosting. You can't just "create a wordpress site and move on" with unmanaged hosting. You're responsible for security patching, firewalling traffic, etc, etc. If you don't even know that an ssh password prompt doesn't move when you type (this is completely normal), then you're not ready for this.


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