HA using linode

Is there any service that can guarantee high availability in linode ?

does the load balancer has HA and can I use it's IP for the outgoing traffic (because some of the external party expect me to register the IP to be put in whitelist in their firewall)

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Hello…can anybody from linode help me ?

You can certainly use a NodeBalancer as part of a high availability setup. We have an introduction to high availability here:

https://linode.com/docs/websites/introd … ilability/">https://linode.com/docs/websites/introduction-to-high-availability/

However, a NodeBalancer wouldn't work if you need to have the same IP address for outbound traffic, since each back-end Linode would use it's own IP address. To have high availability, but use the same IP address for inbound and outbound, I'd recommend using IP failover:

https://linode.com/docs/networking/remo … p-failover">https://linode.com/docs/networking/remote-access/#configuring-ip-failover


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