Starting Linux Web Hosting Administration


I've goggled for a while for that topic and found a lot of thing:-

1) It is not an easy way to go through and it takes time.

2) If you want to learn then forget about panels and go for command line interface.

3) It takes time.

So this is what I've got from goggle.

Also while ubuntu is the most widely used distribution and most supported but for a stable and secure for the long run, one should stick to centos or debian but it is all just a matter of personal preferences and I realized that more or many go towards centos.

when I explored various resources I've found myself lost and can not find my way for what to do 1st and what to do next …etc.

So why I am posting here?

Because I am asking for a plan for what to do next and what to do next? then I will follow this plan in my own and goggle it to learn as no one teaching any one but you should try it yourself.

So may some one give me a plan ? I do not mean details but just lines and I will do it in my own.

I am in a situation that I do not know what to search for? what is the term to search for?

Then I will dive more and more.

I hope that I was able to express it the right way.

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Somewhat specific to Linode, but start with these:

The distribution that you pick doesn't really matter much - Ubuntu is probably the most user friendly, but Debian and CentOS are fine. Once you've gone through those guides, figure out what you actually want to run on your server, and and then start Googling (or, uh, goggling) how to run that application on the distro you've chosen. You should get a least a couple of guides.


That is great that you are getting into Linux Administration. It is a long and windy road but worth it in my opinion. A Linux machine is a great tool that can be used in many different ways. We recommend if you are just starting out to pick a project that is useful to you and dive in.

For instance, if you like playing video games, you can set up your own game server on a Linode. We have guides for different types of games on our documentation page:

Or let's say, you wanted to protect your privacy online. On a Linode, you could set up your own VPN. You can follow our detailed guide here:

You could even start your own small business, using Linux. We have many customers that host Wordpress sites or blogs with us. Here is a full guide for that here:

Hope that helps and good luck on your journey.


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