How do I fix php-fpm out of memory?

I have upgraded my linode from php54 to php56. I am not sure if that is the cause of the problem that I am having with our Linodes, but they are experiencing a very high IOPS with many server timeouts on the site.

We are running a Wordpress site, so nothing too fancy. When I check the Lish Console on the linode, I see the following output.

My gut tells me that there is some process that is mis-configured here that is eating up memory and endlessly chugging away. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue?

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Based on your output it looks like PHP-FPM is spinning up a ton of processes causing your Linode to OOm(run out of memory). There are many different ways you can go about fixing this, but here is my suggestion:

Optimize your PHP configuration.

A nice tool I like to use is Memprof which is a great PHP extension that is great at finding the scripts that are using the most memory.

Another place I would check out is your php configuration file.

If your not sure where that file is located, you can follow the instructions here to setup a webpage that shows your PHP information

In that file, there should be find settings:

pm.max_children = xx
pm.start_servers = xx
pm.min_spare_servers = xx
pm.max_spare_servers = xx
pm.max_requests = xx

Here is link for more information on those values and how to calculate them.

It's also possible that you are hitting your resource limit with the amount of traffic you're receiving, if thats the case I would recommend resizing your Linode to the next plan up.


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