wanted: another service like Linode

I've had a Linode for months now and I'm in love with it. Now I want another, strictly for redundancy purposes (to be a mail backup, etc.)

For proper redundancy I want a virtual Linux server that doesn't share any of the same infrastructure as my current Linode, including Hurricane Electric, Linode.com, and caker himself. This way I can hopefully avoid having both my servers go down at the same time during a failure (such as when Hurricane Electric lost power recently). I understand I could get a Linode at another data center but I want the increased redundancy I'd get from going with a completely different service.

Aside from not being Linode, my only requirement for the virtual Linux service is that it be as much like Linode as possible, because I like it so much. Can anyone recommend such a service?


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I think your going to be truely hard pressed in finding another Linode out there… Chris is running a one of a kind business here…

Although I don't think he can compare… there is Rus over in the UK… don't expect the kind of service you get here though…

You can find many other UML providers listed at http://www.usermodelinux.org/ (click on the "Commercial" category at the right).

I've heard good things about johncompanies.com. I have a friend who has an account there and loves it. They supposedly have the ability to transparently move a server throughout the cluster. Also take careful note of the special pricing for open-source developers.

When I was looking for a UML-based hosting service, I ended up choosing linode over johncompanies because of the price and because of how well-presented linode is. Linode has a community, support forums, irc, and a nice webpage for managing your host. Other companies may have something similar, but I couldn't tell from their webpages.

Lastly, if you do browse the usermodelinux.org list of providers, you will find some providers that charge less than linode. Since you are looking only for a backup server, this serve you well. But for a server that gets any real use, be very wary – in general, you get what you pay for.

Thanks for the links. JohnCompanies has a great reputation but is too expensive for my needs. I looked through the Commercial category at http://www.usermodelinux.org, and you're right–none is as well presented as Linode.

I almost signed up with JVDS but the restrictions in their AUP about what kinds of software I can run caught my eye. It's unacceptable to me to say I can't run game servers or P2P software.

I decided on RimuHosting. We'll see how it goes.


Remember that Linode employs two different datacenters. I'm sure Chris will accommodate a request to add the new VS at the other datacenter.


Is here anyone who have a reason for using linode service different then "this service's being by far the best in it's category"?

I have searched all the alternatives and made my final decision:


:? I dont think there is anyone like linode, I used johncompanies before coming to this provider not only was it cheaper but far superior I dont know about you but I dont want to have to email a request to some admin just to restart my server (which took more than 24 hours to complete). Or the time I wanted to wipe out the distro I had installed and start again on one of the johncompanies redhat boxes I was using that took many days to complete that request.

Before linode i was going to go back to co-location simply because I love using slackware as my distro almost nobody had it and then I stumbled across this service.


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