When will block storage be available in Alanta?

Is deploying block storage available in Atlanta on the roadmap any time soon? I know that I could migrate my VMs to one of the data centers that currently have it available, but I'm not (yet) under that much pressure for the service. I'm hopeful that block storage will be deployed in Atalanta before I need to take that drastic of a step.

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This just recently came up in IRC:

@mcintosh | DrJ: to be clear, Atlanta is unlikely to get Block Storage support at all

<opinion> Zayo is a terrible provider and Linode is probably looking to get out of that particular DC in the future, rather than building up more infra there </opinion>

We don't have any plans to introduce Block Storage in our Atlanta datacenter. As of this morning, Block Storage is available in our Fremont, Newark and Dallas locations. If you'd like make use of this service, I would recommend migrating to one of these locations. Feel free to open up a Support ticket and our team will be happy to help with that.

Thanks @sjssmith for the heads up!


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