Can't log in to Magento after uploading to server

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I have a working Magento site on my local development environment. However, after uploading it to my Linode, I cannot log in to the Admin panel. Also, it looks like the sessions folder is not getting creating. What could be happening?

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There could be a few things happening. I'll try to point you in the right direction, but I don't consider myself a Magento expert!

A few questions

  1. What is your Magento version?
  2. What behavior are you experiencing when you attempt to login? Are you getting any error messages?
  3. How are user sessions stored?
  4. If storing sessions in the filesystem, what are your folder permissions?
  5. Are there any other issues with the site after uploading it to the new server?

What method is selected for managing sessions?

Magento has a few options for storing session data, including the filesystem and the database. How you determine this depends on which version of Magento you are running. For version 1.x, look for the session_save tag in the [magento-dir]/app/etc/local.xml file. There may also be a session_save_path tag with the folder where the session data is stored. If this is missing or commented out, the default folder will be used, which I believe to be [magento-dir]/var/sessions. For version 2.x, look in the [magento-dir]/app/etc/env.php file under 'session'.

If you are storing session data in the file system, make sure you have the correct permissions set in the folder that's storing the data.


Thanks for reply.

I am using magento 1.9. When I try to login to admin panel, it gives no error with correct password entered and redirects to the same page with some key value added in url. Sessions are stored in database. There are no other issues with site after uploading. Permission of my site folder and its previous folder is 755. Permission of 'var' folder inside my site folder is also 755.

Please help.

Here's a conversation that covers a long list of common Magento 1.9 admin login problems, I would suggest comparing your configuration to the points mentioned here:

I am still a noob to Magento but from my initial Magento 2.2 experience, pretty sure it's related to your Magento session configuration. I had same redirect back to admin page on login in Magento 2.2.2 and it was due to me configuring Magento sessions via Redis caching with lz4 compression but instead of just lz4 php extension, I also needed lzf php extension.

Haven't played with Magento 1.9 so not sure if it's same issue. As to permissions also ensure correct user/group ownership of the directories/folders.


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