Which NOC?


I'm thinking of getting a linode. I live in Australia. Which datacentre would have the lower network latency for me?


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YMMV. You can test for yourself by pinging/tracerouting hostx.linode.com. host1 to host8 and host27 and higher at The Planet in Dallas. host9 to host26 are at Hurricane Electric in Fremont.

The new hardware deployments are going into Dallas at the moment, so if you want Fremont, you have to wait until a Linode of the appropriate size becomes free.

Not HE.net

If you look through the forums and the IRC channel, it is HE.net that tends to have the most problems. Very very annoying

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Hmm, He.net seems to have significantly lower ping times.

Decisions decisions…

Well, HE isn't a bad DC, TP has had just as many problems since I've been here. Neither have had serious problems other than HE a long time ago from what I can remember. But I can't honestly say much about which DC is better since I've only been with Linode for about 7 months now. If you go with TP though, chances are you'll be put on one of the newer systems which have SATA drives, more ram, and overall better performance.

I haven't counted the forum postings, but I've been on HE host 9 for going on a year and a half and haven't had any major interruptions. At present my linode's been up 160 days and as I recall I last rebooted to make sure some changes I'd made to the bootscripts worked OK. While my linode isn't heavily loaded, I do use a web monitoring service that checks that apache, php, and mysql are reachable and working every 20 minutes or so and it has surprised me only a few quite brief times that I can recall.

I've been pretty satisfied with my Linode at HE. I think that the reason for the negative vibes is that several of the HE outages have been caused by HE techs unplugging things or knocking out breakers - thoughtlessness/carelessness rather than equipment failure or DoS. On one occasion, maintenance on the standby power system caused a massive power outage - unforgivable.

Last time I tried moving to HE there was no space.

Pings are about 30% less than TP from here in my treehouse.


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