Xen 2.0.5 (current) or Xen 2.1 (end of April)?

According to the Xen roadmap, it looks like Xen 2.1 is scheduled for Q1 2005.

Given how most software projects are delayed, does anyone know if this is still the plan? If so, will Linode use 2.0.5 or begin with 2.1?


"The next major release of Xen will be 2.1, scheduled for Q1 2005. This will be followed by 3.0 in Q2.

The Xen 2.1 Roadmap

  • Boot code restructuring. The next version of Xen will be even 'thinner', leaving more of the platform initialisation (PCI,IOAPIC,ACPI) to the domain 0 OS. This will enable us to benefit directly from improvements in the Linux initialisation code without having to track them in the Xen source.

  • CPU load balancing. We need to add support to xend to periodically move VMs between CPUs on a node to re-balance load, taking hyper-threading capabilities into account.

  • Improved Xserver hardware support. Some of the Xserver drivers normally supported under Linux don't currently work with Xen because they require vm86 (VESA) or agpgart (i815) support. This will be added in the next release.

  • Improved cluster transparency. We wish to extend xend to make it more 'cluster aware' and hence provide better transparency of access to block devices and consoles when migrating guest OSes across a cluster. "

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Well, we are already currently using Xen, so I think we're already using 2.0.5.

cake might switch.

Xen -testing (2.1) and Xen -unstable (3.0) are both quite stable on my local development box. However, I've been struggling with a problem in both of those on another test machine. Check out this thread:

http://lists.xensource.com/archives/htm … html#00161">http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-devel/2005-04/threads.html#00161

I'm hoping that it's nearing resolution. Once it is resolved and I acquire more cage space at the datacenter, I can continue with the public beta. For production. we're either going to be using 2.1 or possibly the pre-3.0 stuff. We'll just have to see how things go during the beta testing.


about that beta, still slots open? ;)

I'd be very interested in taking part in this beta too, either when there are slots or when the public beta is rolled out.


about that beta, still slots open? ;)

As discussed on #linode: Caker is still trying to get more space in Dallas for servers so Xen can be tested by more people. When that space is allocated, caker will open more slots.

I'll just go drive over there and bugger them to get snapping then :)


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