What host am I on

This may sound like a really dumb question. But I would like to know what host I am on, so whenever you say things like this host is being rebooted or this host is down… then I will know if it is me or not.

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Log in to the Linode Platform Manager and choose 'SSH, Remote Console and Desktop' on the overview page. In the section called 'Remote Console Access with Lish (Linode Shell)', check the part that says:

Your ssh command would be:

ssh yourusername@hostxx.linode.com

hostxx in that command is your host.

When you log in to the members area, you'll find what host you're on under the heading Host Summary on the right-hand side (fourth box from the top). The right-hand summaries consist of the following (in order): "Linode Status", "Network Summary", "Storage Summary", "Host Summary" and "Open Support Tickets".

On mine, it says: > Host: host39.linode.com
This means that my Linode is on host39.

You also connect via SSH to the host itself, instead of to your Linode IP/hostname, to get to LISH (console access).

cat /proc/cpuinfo


Thanks, looks like I am on host42

processor : 0

vendor_id : User Mode Linux

model name : UML

mode : skas

host : Linux host42.linode.com 2.6.11-rc4-1-bigmem64 #2 SMP


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