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I am on the linode 64 plan (smallest) I am currently running the following under Debian.

Mysql Server

Apache Web Server

Qmail Email Server

TeamSpeak Server

Vsftpd Server

Full SSL Access


A lot more stuff but I cant think of any of it at the moment. But just look at all that stuff, and my linode is doing great. I am only 32mb into my swap, and my io/tokens are all filles up. My server has been up now for 6 days straight. And I get approx. 300 viewers a day on my mysql heavy blogg. I also get viewers on a clients e-commerce site. Its new so I dont know the stats yet.

But anyway see people even with a linode 64 you can have some pretty bad ass shit going on.

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This post made me check on my own little node, I'm on a 64 running debian aswell. When I set up my linode I spent a lot of time configuring it to use as little resources and still function the way I needed it to. I'm running Apache, Postfix, Courier-pop3d, Courier-pop3dssl, MySQL, and Named all on the server and I have approximately 7 mb free of ram. I don't thrash, my uptime is over 77 days and I haven't experienced any problems.

The Spark Notes version of my post: I love my Linode, and I love the service.

Oh, and it's worth noting that I'm running the 2.4 series of kernel, no problems there either.



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