Migrating a UML VDS from another provider over to Linodes


Is it feasible to migrate a Fedora Core 1 UML VDS (1.8GB in size) from another hosting provider over to a "Linode 64" Fedora Core 1 UML VDS? Also, how should I go about doing so after a soon-to-be purchased Linode has been activated?

Thanks in advance.

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I've migrated from host to host various times. I would do something like

  • set up your linode account

  • use rsync or scp to copy the files/directories you want

  • do manual setup

I've copied mysql database between machines without problems. Setting up email, DNS, etc. is basic system admin.

But in order to determine whether or not a Linode 64 could handle your site, we need to know more about what services you'll be running and approximately how many users using these services?

You might want to consider setting up a minimal Debian image, and then create and mount a separate disk image for your old VDS setup - then use scp or rsync to move the old system onto the new image.

Once you have copied it over, you can try booting it up. You might want to make sure that device names in /etc/fstab are correct.


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