Can I change the Timezone Longview uses to Chart Data?

On each of my Linodes (Ubuntu 16.04.4), I've changed their default system Timezone to be 'America/Toronto'.

I've managed to setup Longview to monitor my Linodes,
but the times listed in the Charts do not appear to be with respect to the 'America/Toronto' Timezone, but rather one that appears to be about 4hours ahead.

Is there a way to make the times Charted by Longview to be with respect to a Timezone of my choice?

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Linode Staff

The timezone for almost every time[1] displayed in the Linode Manager is actually configured in your user's profile settings.

You can go to "my profile" in the top right of the Linode Manager, and update the timezone there.

[1]: The timezone setting is every time that is displayed with the exception of any Backup time slots, which are noted in the Manager as GMT-5.


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