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We have been receiving messages for the last few months that people are not able to load our website, mostly on mobile devices and on various web browsers.

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There are two issues that can contribute to this problem and it's best to check on both to make sure all visitors are able to view your site.

The first issue is that the website might not be configured for mobile responsiveness and lead visitors to believe the site isn't loading because its scaled improperly. You can check the mobile friendliness of your website here:

Due to the fact that you mentioned it was also occurring on desktop web browsers, it's likely an IPv6 issue. Mobile providers tend to favor IPv6 over IPv4; if you have an AAAA record set but your server does not respond over IPv6 the site will show a connection refused error. To make sure they can access the site, we need to make sure your web server is listening for IPv6 connection requests:

$ sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

Update your listen directives to make sure they include the following to bind both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses:

listen [::]:80;

When you are done, reload the nginx configuration file by typing in :

$ nginx -s reload

Now we have to check whether nginx is listening to both IPv6 and IPv4 requests with the following:

$ netstat -tulpna | grep nginx

To add to @Ttaylor's post, another way you can test your domains to ensure they work across IPv6 mobile networks, can be be done as follows.

First you'll want to check if DNS records for IPv4 & IPv6 exist:

# dig A +short
# dig AAAA +short

If you get an IPv6 address, double-check the headers with curl.

# curl -4 -sIL
# curl -6 -sIL


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