LISH console -- 'login incorrect'

I am unable to get past the login prompts for the LISH console. ive tried root, my account login name, and I made a new user. all I get is 'login incorrect." what am I missing?

thank you

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I would start off by ruling out any discrepancies with your root password. From your Linode's Dashboard, power down your Linode, then navigate over to the Rescue tab to reset your root password.

Once you've done that, boot your Linode and attempt to login LISH. I would recommend trying LISH via Browser first to ensure you've got the password all sorted out.

If you'd like to access LISH via a terminal application, please ensure that after you choose a LISH ssh gateway that you're entering your Linode Manager credentials. Then you should be able to simply type your Linodes name (Example:linode12345678)to access your Linode in LISH.

If that works, you can simply reset your users password by entering the command below as root:

 $ passwd $user


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