launch a ISO?

Hello, how do I launch a linux based ISO
which I have just uploaded to the root
directory in my server. Thank you.

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Joe Condron

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@g7kdz-joe uploading the ISO to the root directory of your server won't allow you to use it the way you want to. You need to mount it in a very specific way.

Have a look at this tutorial - it explains all the steps you need to take:

Hello Joe,

The first step would be to find out if your Linode is using KVM or Xen for its kernel. If you are a new customer, it is most likely you are using KVM but it's always worth it to double check. You can read more about KVM and Xen virtualization technologies here:

To verify, check the naming convention of the block devices. Device assignments for Xen Linodes were labeled as:


KVM Linodes use the “sd” naming convention:


If you’re currently running a Xen Linode, you can upgrade to KVM, or follow our older guide on Running a Custom Linux Distribution on a Xen Linode.

If you are running KVM, you can follow our guide here:

You can also find all of our supported operating systems on our web page.

Our guide on deploying a supported operating system can be found below. This can be done completely from the Linode Manager.

Linode Support Team


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