Need to change linodes to upgrade from ubundu 16.10 to 18.4


I want to upgrade to 18.4 however because my current ubundu version is not supported any more I believe I need to do it by migrating to a fresh linode that have 18.4 installed.

I would like to ask if you are aware of any guides or write-ups that suggests and takes you through the process.


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You can find out if your version is still supported on their official site. I've left you the link below.

If you decide to upgrade, our guide goes over all the necessary steps.

Linode Support Team

Thanks for the response.

I have seen this guide but I cannot use it since I am getting "An upgrade from 'yakkety' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool."

From reading other posts (see link below) I understood I need to migrate to new linode since I can go only go from LTS to LTS i.e 16.04 (or 17.04) to 18.04 and I didn't manage to upgrade to 17.04 as an intermediate step.

My question is about a guide to migrate easily to a new linode.


Hi @pambrosky

Any updates here ?


You don't need to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 as an intermediate step. Upgrading to Ubuntu 17.04 may prevent you from easily upgrading to Ubuntu 18 LTS.

16.10 is currently End of Life, which means that there won't be any new updates and the repositories have been relocated. If you aren't familiar with managing a Linux server, upgrading to a newer release may be challenging. You might consider creating a new Linode with the latest Ubuntu version.

If you would still prefer to forge ahead, I would suggest updating the repository URLs to '' to access the legacy repository contents so that you can upgrade.

You can find more information about upgrading from End-Of-Life versions of Ubuntu on the Official Ubuntu website

I wrote a rough draft guide of this process a while ago, but there wasn't much interest in turning it into a real doc. I've since removed the Linode it was hosted on but it's still available here:

Without the pictures, unfortunately. But it should give you the general idea.


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