How to setup all the security needs for StackScript WordPress

Is there a way to setup StackScript WordPress with all up to date Security measures?
yes, I am looking for a shortcut of going through all the documentation and actually being lost.
Any help and directions are welcome. Thank you!!

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Hey there,

You can find a variety of stackscripts available to you that may accomplish what you are looking for:

You may also find success looking for a well secured stackscript for your preferred distribution and individually installing Wordpress afterwards if you aren't able to find a single stackscript to meet your goals.

Here is the guide to walk you through using the stackscripts. You can even write your own if none of the available one meets your needs and save it to your account:

Ultimately the best way to secure your Linode is to be familiar with it's configuration with backups and monitoring in place to help keep you informed of any risks. I hope this helps!

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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