Seaweed FS vs. Gluster FS, CephFS

Anyone used seaweedFS to spin up a distributed filesystem?

Looking at the docs I am very tempted to try it out, but looking at the maturity of GlusterFS or CephFS I am not sure what's best to maintain.

I also have in mind that Kubernetes might be the next big thing to do on the list then.

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Hey there,

I don't have experience with seaweedFS. I did notice, however, that there is a lot of documentation available for GlusterFS + Kubernetes stacks but I struggled to find something cohesive on seaweedFS + Kubernetes:

Upon further investigation, it seems that part of the reason there is available documentation for that pairing is it's compatability and increased functionality when paired with heketi, a management interface:

Furthermore, it's important to note that there is a lot of networking involved in the proper configuration and use of Kubernetes, so having a stack with a lot of documentation can make a significant improvement to your experience if you are unfamiliar.

I hope that helps further you along in your decision making process!

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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