Why can't I receive mail from dovecot

I just went through the "Email with Postfix, Dovecot, and MySQL" guide and I'm having trouble receiving emails from gmail. The mail server is hosted on mail.aboutryansam.com. I have no clue what's wrong as I followed the guide exactly and went through all the trouble shooting. I'm not even sure if gmail is connecting to my server because I get no new logs when I try to send mail to ryansam@aboutryansam.com. If you guys need any of my info from config files or something just let me know what you need to see. Thanks

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It looks like aboutryansam.com doesn't yet have an MX record set up. As you're using our nameservers and DNS Manager we have a guide on adding records to your DNS Zone which may help. In addition, we have a reference for MX records here.

I have one for mail.aboutryansam.com which has an apache2 reverse proxy to nginx on port 81. I thought that's where outside mail requests where coming from. I'll will give it a try though.


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