Why is swap space configured as part of CoreOS image?

The guide regarding the creation of a CoreOS-based linode indicates that swap space is not needed.

Why then does the preconfigured image obligate the user to select, at minimum, 128MB for a dedicated swap drive? Or did I miss something in the UI that provides a way around this?

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Hey there!

By default, all of our images, when deployed, require a swap disk. There is not a way around that. I do see how allowing the deployment without a swap disk would be valuable, however. I've gone ahead and added that to our internal issue tracker.

For now, after you have deployed the CoreOS image with a swap disk, you can delete the swap disk then resize the CoreOS disk by following these steps. If you would like to configure CoreOS to use swap, you can configure it by following this documentation.

I hope this helps!


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