Have I configured my DNS properly?

Hello! I am running Ubuntu 18.04 on a linode server with the intention of hosting a Ghost 2.0 blog. I purchased a domain (mnchrm.co) from NameCheap this morning, and set the nameservers to ns1.linode.com and so on, through ns4. I initialized my server, and went through the guide listed on Ghost's documentation, entering the domain as mnchrm.co during the final setup. Everything seemed to initialize okay there. Then in Linode's DNS, I added mnchrm.co as a domain zone, and the hostname A record matches the server's IP address. However, when I go to the IP address (, I just get the standard "welcome to nginx" message, and the domain I bought doesn't resolve anywhere. Did I configure something improperly, or am I just waiting for the DNS to resolve?

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Generally it takes about 12 - 24 hours for DNS to resolve. My experience has been about 12 hours.

Greetings @ianbattaglia,

Looks like you are good to go. I can dig the domain and get the IP address you specified, see below:

$ dig mnchrm.co +short

As LouWestin said, it may take a bit to propagate.

Linode Support Team

You’re welcome. :-)


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