Are IPV6 complient mailing lists easy to set up?

Our list right now on Linode is not.

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Hey @LINuser - I'm not sure what your current setup is, but here are a couple resources I found that might help you out:

From Ripe NCC: Sending and Receiving Emails over IPv6

From Web and Mail Servers with IPv6

In terms of compliance, this is from the FCC: Internet Protocol Version 6: IPv6 for Consumers

From our docs and guides:

Running a Mail Server

A Guide for Understanding IPv6 on Linode

Email Server Guides

And another Lindode Community site post: Configure my Linode to use IPv6

Hope these help point you in the right direction! If you were able to figure out a solution in the meantime, could you share your setup here in case anyone else wants to set up a mailing list using IPv6?

I use IPv6 too but I have postfix set to use only IPv4. The reason is that Comcast's 'mail server reputation' monitor pukes on IPv6 addresses. Undoubtedly, there are others but Comcast is the biggest and easiest target.

This means that if you send someone at Comcast an email from an IPv6 address, there is a 99.9% chance that your mail will get bounced because your server has a 'poor reputation'…or Comcast's scanner doesn't recognize your IPv6 address.

That being said, I use mlmmj for mailing lists. It relies on the native mail transport to do it's job and doesn't require any configuration at all with respect to which IP protocol to use. It's also easy to set up and administer and, since all the components are command-line utilities, it's shell-scriptable to create higher-level/-functionality commands. For example, I have a single command

maillist new --owner --desc "List description"

that takes care of all the dirty details of creating a mailing list.


-- sw


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