What's best for wordpress? Apache, Nginx, or Hybrid?

UPDATE: solved. No need for answers.

Hi, I'm about to init a new server. I mostly run wordpress sites. I'll probably do some small work on laravel.
I'm not a sys/server admin.
What would you suggest for me? Apache, Nginx or Hybrid?

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I use Apache since I’m more familiar with it and I’ve read that Nginx is better for static sites.

Greetings @stratboy,

After doing research online, NGINX seems like the best option if you are running mostly Wordpress sites. This is because NGINX uses what's known as a non-blocking event loop, as opposed to Apache's forked threaded architecture. NGINX's solution allows the software to perform more efficiently and reliably by nature of its design. You can read more about it here:


Linode Support Team

I'm very new to WordPress and was asking myself this same question earlier this year. While I can't dispute the reason given by @stratboy for using Nginx, what I found is that most of the examples of how to configure a WordPress server assume you're using LAMP (which means you're using Apache) so you'll probably find a larger number of useful configuration examples online if you go with Apache. Something else to consider is that if you plan to use any WordPress plugins, they may assume (or even require Apache) so you might want to look at the requirements for the WP plugins you plan to use too. Again, I'm no WP expert but this is just my $.02 based on my experiences so far. Good luck!


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