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Our homepage is being broken now. So we wonder what the problem is. Our system is based on wordpress. Is it related to storage? or is it related to many log files?

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A broken home page doesn’t tell us what the issue is. You need to provide a URL, any error messages, etc.


Please reply asap.

I can’t read the site content due to the language barrier unfortunately. However, if I had to guess, I would say it might be a theme issue. So you might want to look at another WordPress theme and test it.

then, we are wondering if the broken homepage is caused by disk capacity which is full already. If so, can we enlarge the disk capacity by paying more money with no problem in our system?

No it wouldn’t be a disk issue.

Greetings @korgoubestadmin,

We can curl the website fairly quickly but when accessing via the browser, the site fails to load quickly. This would demonstrate what LouWestin mentioned regarding the Wordpress theme.

newark:~$ time curl
real 0m0.837s
user 0m0.003s
sys 0m0.011s

I recommend going through the suggestions here as well:

Linode Support Team

Hi @korgoubestadmin,

if you open the browser inspector > console.
You'll find a lot of 404 errors that indicating the files are not available.

If you are hosting some files by yourself you want to also check the permissions on your server. (

But it looks more like is not delivering your queried files.

Hope that helps

  • Marcus


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