How do I setup my linode for Webmin/Virtualmin to manage my DNS?

Currently my DNS records are handled via the DNS manager in Linode. I am going through the process of setting up Webmin + Virtualmin, but am stuck on how to create a master / slave relationship with Virtualmin and Linode so that changes made are updated automatically in the Linode DNS manager.

I setup virtualmin using a stackscript. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS.

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To host your domain's DNS records with a different DNS manager, you'll want to log into the control panel provided by the registrar of your domain, then update the NS (nameserver) records so they are pointing to the appropriate nameservers.

To quickly determine your domain's registrar, run the command (case-sensitive):

whois $yourDomain | grep "Registrar"

For next steps, please refer to the Virtualmin DNS help guides:

After registering your nameservers at your domain name registrar you'll want to log into Virtualmin, select your "" domain, click Server Configuration -> DNS Records, and create a new "A - IPv4 Address" record for and

Think of nameservers as the place where you keep the settings for your domain. When you change your nameservers, your current DNS configuration settings will be lost. To avoid downtime, I'd recommend fully configuring your Virtualmin nameservers and corresponding DNS records before changing your NS records.

You can then create a slave relationship connecting Linode's DNS manager to your new nameservers using the Domains section of Linode Cloud Manager. To do so:

  1. Click Add a Domain, select Slave, then click Add IP (this allows you to enter multiple nameservers).

  2. Now, enter the IP addresses you previously created for the nameservers in Virtualmin, and click Create.

Your DNS slave will inherit all the properties of the master. Any changes made to the master will be synced to your slave.

Virtualmin, in combination with Webmin, can also be used to create this master/slave relationship. Please see their guide:

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