Does Linode provide a web server by default, and how do I upload and manage my content?

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I am new to web development and would like to use Linode to host my web server. How do I get started and upload my content?

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You’ll want to go through the getting started guides. Linode is unmanaged VPS so you’ll have to choose your Linode distro, setup, and configure a web server yourself.

I am new to web development and would like to use Linode to host my web server. How do I get started and upload my content, do I use FTP?

There is no default web server

Linode is different than a typical web hosting company and gives you a server as a blank slate—much like if you purchased a new computer with no software installed. You have maximum flexibility to do what you want because you can deploy your Linode with just about any distribution of Linux you want. We provide basic images of most popular Linux distributions, on top of which you can install whichever software packages (like a web server or database) that you may need for what you want to accomplish.

The following guide covers setting up some common types of websites on a Linode:

Host a Website on Your Linode

Uploading Content

There are also many options for transferring content to and from your Linode. SFTP is a preferred method of file transfer. Many content management systems such as WordPress will provide their own methods of uploading content. FTP is not recommended because it transmits your password over the network in a way that is easily read exposing your Linode to getting hacked.

In short the best way to manage your content will depend on what way you wish to host your content. I hope I have provided some options suitable to getting you started. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Harold Phillips
Linode Support Team


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