How do I resize my disk after upgrading my Linode

My Linode has been upgraded and I need to resize the disk to include the additional available space. How do I resize my disk and is there any chance of losing the data when I resize.

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Resizing your disk can easily be done from the Linode Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Linode Manager
  2. Select the Linode you wish to resize
  3. Click Shut down to turn your Linode off
  4. Click the Edit link next to the disk you wish to resize
  5. In the 'New Size' field, enter a different size for the disk in megabytes
  6. Click Save Changes. The Linode’s dashboard appears
  7. Click Boot to turn on the Linode

For additional information on resizing your disks, feel free to reference our guide here

Resizing your disk should not result in any data loss, so you shouldn't need to worry about that.

In the new Linode Manager (, this can be done by:

  1. Select the Linode to be resized
  2. Shut down the Linode
  3. Navigate to the Settings tab, and open the Advanced Settings panel.
  4. Find your Disk in the list of this Linode's disks and choose the Resize option.
  5. Enter the new size and select "Submit".
  6. Reboot your Linode once the resize is complete.


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