How do I set up my Linode for SFTP?

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I need some help accessing my Linode (Ubuntu 16.04) via SFTP.

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One way to do this is via FileZilla. It is relatively straight forward to configure, and offers cross-platform support.

To get started, you'll want to make sure that you've first followed our Securing your server guide to secure your Linode.

Next, make sure that you can connect to your Linode via SSH. If you can't make this connection, you won't be able to connect with FileZilla either.

Finally, you are ready to install FileZilla and connect using the same SSH credentials used previously.

For more secure access using public key authentication, you can use our guide to install and configure Pageant.

If you need to verify SSH connectivity from your local end, the following site shows some publicly accessible SSH/SFTP servers to which you can try connecting:


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