Empty inbox after Roundcube's email import

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I'm currently running Roundcube on a Debian 8 Linode with Vesta Control Panel and Exim4.

I copied the email files from an email account folder and then deleted the account. Then, I created the account under a different user. That worked fine.

However, when I try to enter the emails in the new account folder, Roundcube doesn't display them although it does show the correct number of emails. Here's a screenshot of how it looks like:


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According to Roundcube's documentation, here's the process to import/export a mail file:


To further troubleshoot the problem, I would test if this is also happening for new incoming emails. Are they shown normally?

In addition, the log file might be shed some light into what's going on. According to Roundcube's documentation, the logs should be in <webmail>/logs/, where <webmail> is the path where Roundcube is installed.</webmail></webmail>

Here are some other resources you can try:

Roundcube's support
Roundcube's Issue Reporting


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