best linode distro for ease of use


I run my own server for friends and family on another server right now - Bizwala. I want to set my linode server up to handle email, domains, web pages, and sftp. (I have all this set up on my old server.)

Which linode distro would be easiest to set all this up on? I'm ready to try a new distro.

I don't enjoy system administration much. I like software development far better, especially software for voice control jukeboxes! :) (see


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You might try debian, just cuz lots of people here (like me) seem to use it and could help answer questions on the forum. Maybe ubuntu, which is debian-based, and in some cases is slightly friendlier.

Like above poster said, finding Debian help around here should be a simple task.

You can be up and serving web pages in a single command in Debian, as for email it's a single command and a half dozen or so simple questions (eximconfig).

sftp would just require installation of a sshd (ssh).


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