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Regardless of how I attempt to login; using lish, glish or after using PUTTY I only get an login incorrect. I've changed my root password several times and went through the boot process again but to no avail. So I am unable to progress to query for my SSH fingerprint.

found a solution in comments suggesting to use "rescue password" then login using LISH browser… I went through this and shut down the server then restarted, logging in using LISH browser still returns "login incorrect"

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If resetting your password automatically doesn't work you can try resetting it manually by booting your Linode into Rescue Mode.

First, boot your Linode into rescue mode.
Then, Access your Linode via Lish.
After that, chroot into your Linode's disk
From there, you can run the following command to change the password for the root user as you would normally:

passwd root

Once you've done all that the password for the root user should be reset. All you'll need to do is reboot your Linode and test it out. If it's still not working, there could be an underlying problem such as the root user not existing or being disabled in your operating system. In that case, review the documentation for the OS to see which user is the equivalent of root in that OS, and try logging in with that user.

Hi guys,

Someone found a solution to this issue? I just entered in this problem, I tried the same steps First, Then, After to change the root password and the result was the same "Login incorrect" and not SSH access. I don't know how enable in my Debian 10 OS the root or equivalent user to access it. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


Did you happen to add an SSH key pair or disable root login access at any time? If so, you won't be able to login with a password or as the root user.

My suggestion is to run through this guide Troubleshooting SSH on Compute Instances to fully investigate what the causes may be.

For anybody else struggling with this, and maybe this is specific to a Windows environment, I needed to paste my password using CTRL+SHIFT+V into LiSH, otherwise it wouldn't work.


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