Is it possible to save my IP address after removing this Linode?

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I would like to setup a new Linode and rebuild my current Linode BUT need to keep this IP address. Is that possible?

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You can swap IPv4 addresses between Linodes that are in the same data center via the Networking tab. There isn't a way to save an IP address from a Linode thats been removed, but swapping IP addresses would be the equivalent. To perform an IP swap from within your Cloud Manager, follow these steps:

  1. You'll want to create the new Linode first (make sure its in the same data center as the one you will be swapping IP addresses with)
  2. Press on the Networking tab and scroll towards the bottom of the page
  3. Press the + next to IP transfer to expand that section. Click the dropdown labeled "Select Action" and choose "Swap With".
  4. A new dropdown will appear with a list of the Linodes in the same data center as the newly created Linode.
  5. Once you've chosen the Linode to swap IPs, the chosen Linode's IP address will appear on screen.
  6. Press the Save button and you'll receive a confirmation message that "IP transferred successfully."

This can also be done from the Classic Linode Manager. Check out our Remote Access guide for detailed steps.


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