Tunnel to a real physical network behind a CISCO Firewall

I am new to linode

with AMAZON AWS they have something called VPC ( let,s call it some virtual network container)

If there are several VM machine in that VPC, the traffic can all go through the IPsec Tunnel I created from that VPC to our real corporate Network behind a cisco firewal… One tunnel for all machines.

With Linode, if I have 2 Virtual Machine, and want them to communicate through a tunnel with another network, do I need to do it on all Linode machines ? Or there is some features allowing us to establish an IPSEC tunnel with a real physical network behing some firewall ( CIsco, PFSense or other)

Here is a little drawing to help https://pasteboard.co/I0KO8ko.jpg


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Hi JF,

I haven't personally tried to configure my Linodes to communicate with another network through a CISCO firewall, but I did do some research on this and I have a few resources that might be helpful to you.

The first is something I found through CISCO. It's a document that discusses site-to-site VPN scenarios that include the firewall:

Cisco IOS VPN Configuration Guide

There's a lot of information in there, but I wanted to make sure I provided something that covered as many different scenarios as possible.

Here on this site, we have a post that was answered by another user that discusses using the IPSec VPN tunnel with a CISCO firewall. This might be helpful as well:

Site-to-site VPN from Ubuntu server to Cisco ASA Firewall

I also want to pass along our section of documents on VPNs for you reference:


I hope this gets you (and any others who come across this post) pointed in the right direction.


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