What are Your Default DNS Servers

I have two nanodes set up as slave DNS servers. For various reasons I would like to these servers to use the Linode DNS servers for their own resolv.conf.

So far I have identified:

Is that all of them?

Also, are your DNS servers data center dependent? One nanode is in Fremont, the other in Atlanta.

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The DNS servers are datacenter dependent (they're only accessible from the datacenter they're in), and the ones available in each datacenter are listed on the Remote Access tab (assuming original manager, no idea in cloud manager) for Linodes in that datacenter. They do have DNS names at present, though I don't know if Linode guarantees that those names will continue to exist. You can look up resolverXX.datacenter.linode.com, where XX is left-padded with 0 and starts at 01 and datacenter is the city name (except Tokyo 2, which is shg1).

Thank you. That is exactly what I needed.

Hi there @jscarville,

Looks like @dwfreed got you squared away here. I just wanted to add how to find these IPs in Cloud Manager. The IPs for all the resolvers in the data center are available in the Linode's networking tab. Look for:

DNS Resolvers (IPv4):

It should have an IP address next to it (I see for my Linode in Atlanta), and then a +9. Clicking on the +9 will display the other IPv4 for that data center.

Additionally, just below the IPv4 addresses are the IPv6 addresses.

Pat Woods
Linode Support Team


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