NodeBalancer Multidomains support?

Hi there,

I'm try to search forum post and document section but no answer so I post here.

  • Does NodeBalancer come with control panel help me manage domains like DO?
  • How many domains I can add to one Nodebalancer?
  • Does NodeBalancer support Let's Encrypt multidomains?


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You can use our intuitive and user friendly DNS Manager to manage all of your DNS Records!

There is no limit on the number of domains that a NodeBalancer can support and there is also no limit to the amount of domains you can add to our DNS Manager!

The short answer is yes, the NodeBalancer supports Let's Encrypt multidomains. A NodeBalancer listens on a public IP address for incoming connections, then uses configurable rules to select a backend node (out of one or more) to which to send the connection. Lets Encrypt would be set up on your individual Linodes and not the NodeBalancer. Once you have configured Let's Encrypt on your individual Linodes, the NodeBalancer would not interfere with those certs.


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