Is it possible to enable backups for a linode on API version V3?

I'm looking to enable/disable linode backups via Linode's API.

I've looked at the docs here:

but i believe actually enabling/disabling backups is not possible.

Is this correct?
Must I upgrade to api version V4 to get this functionality?


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That is correct - you'll need to use the newer API in order to enable/disable backups.

In addition to the original answer.

APIv4 is much more feature rich. On the Linode APIv4 page, you will find everything needed to assist you if you choose to upgrade.

The linode-cli would be super handy and convenient to create, list, enable, view services and much more. To utilize linode-cli for enabling backups follow the instruction below.

pip install linode-cli

Once the linode-cli is installed, you want to list your Linodes to get the Linode ID:

linode-cli linodes list

After you get the Linode ID of the Linode that you want to enable backups on, insert it into the next command.

linode-cli linodes backups-enable $LinodeID

To disable backups on the Linode, use the same Linode ID

linode-cli linodes backups-cancel $LinodeID


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