My filesystem is read-only

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I'm experiencing errors that state that my filesystem is read-only. For example, when I attempt to take a physical backup of my database, it tells me this:

mkdir /opt/backupfiles
mkdir: cannot create directory ?/opt/backupfiles?: Read-only file system

How can I fix this?

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If you are running into this error, and you find you're running a read-only filesystem I would first recommend trying to remount your filesystem by running the following command:

> sudo mount -o remount, rw

If this doesn't resolve the situation, I recommend running a filesystem check. The first step in doing that is to boot your Linode into Rescue Mode, and we have written a guide on how to do that:

Rescue Mode

Once you're in Rescue Mode, you can run the filesystem check. Please follow the guide linked below to do so:

Filesystem Check


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