Weird bill, glitch, real thing, or April fools joke?

I just got a bill for 60 cents for 10 hours of Linode use. I've got a 24x7 VPS, not an on-demand thing, so I'm wondering what's the point of this:

Item Start End Hours USD
Linode 8GB - linode62571 (62571) 03-31 14:14 03-31 23:59 10 $0.60

Total: $0.60

I saw the announcement of hourly billing, but since I pay month by month, how did I end up owing 10 hours in March?

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Linode 8GB is 6 cents an hour. If you had it for 10 hours you would be billed $0.60. It's not an april fools joke :)

If you think the invoice is in error you should open up a ticket.

The question isn't "why was 10 hours worth 60 cents?", it was "why, when I pay by the month am I being invoiced for 10 hours?" I usually get invoiced for $40, not $0.60.

Same here. I pay yearly, and got an invoice which I didn't understand.

I have it on good authority (a friend that works for Linode) that Linode is currently looking into any billing weirdness.

EDIT: reworded. See below post from @mwildman for a possible explanation if you're seeing something similar.

Likely, your account was converted to hourly billing during the day yesterday. Since there were still a few hours left in the billing cycle, an invoice would have been generated on our billing day (today, April 1st) for those few hours. That said, you may have also received a credit when your account was converted to hourly. You can check to see if this was the case by reviewing your billing history in the Linode Manager under Accounts > Billing History.

If you would like us to pull up your account and take a closer look, I recommend giving us a call or creating a support ticket.


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